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We currently find ourselves in uncertain times regarding the academy agenda. The BRITE Trust has been established to enable likeminded primary schools to work together collaboratively within a multi academy trust (MAT) of good and outstanding schools.

As you may be aware the formation of a MAT involves establishing a board of directors. In the BRITE Trust these directors will act as a support mechanism for the areas of Teaching & Learning, Finance and Inclusion. The BRITE Trust will endeavour to enable Head Teachers to continue to be responsible for their school settings, to remain in charge of decision making around systems, finances and curriculums whilst they remain good or outstanding.

The benefits to each school will be a more formal approach to the collaborative, supportive partnerships that primary schools have built so effectively.

The BRITE Trust will offer:

·         A friendly and experienced approach.

·         Teams who can share our successful track record of working with vulnerable children to ensure they make outstanding progress including safeguarding support and boosting children’s attainment.

·         A well-established 2 year old provision where other schools can refer vulnerable families for therapeutic support and 2 year old education.

·         Access to speech therapists, play therapists & counselling support for parents & children.

·         Access to an effective NQT induction support programme.

·         Access to a behavioural support worker who can work with school staff and parents to identify triggers causing poor behaviour and barriers to learning.

·         A community based approach including adult education links, drop in sessions for parents and support groups for lead professionals (e.g. Parent Support Officers) between schools.

With the support of your school we will be looking to develop:

·         Opening a free school where children with specific learning or behavioural needs would be educated.

·         The advantages and benefits that arise from working in partnership such as economic savings through joint use of HR services, etc.

·         The support and experience to react in an ever changing educational climate ensuring that the primary ethos is preserved along with the freedom of  leadership within the good or outstanding provision.

You may have only just begun your journey down the academy route and feel unsure about which approach to take. If you are considering the potential benefits to your school of joining a multi academy trust and feel that BRITE’s vision and values would align with your aspirations and those of your school, please take this opportunity to join us.

If you would like to know more about the BRITE Trust or the process of converting to academy status–(the practical details from a Head Teachers perspective), please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 438 2872 or use the contact form below.

Sarah Rudd, B. Ed. Hons, NPQH, M. Ed.

CEO & Principal


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